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How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage: Expert Guide

By Leonard Evans
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Properly storing your leaf blower is essential, especially in the garage, to ensure longevity and organize your workspace. However, this task can pose difficulties, especially when space is limited. If you are in this situation, don’t worry! This article will give you expert guides to know exactly how to hang leaf blower in garage, helping you use and maintain it better.

How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage Expert Guide

Why Need To Hang A Leaf Blower In The Garage?

Storing your leaf blower properly in the garage not only extends its lifespan but also keeps your workspace organized. It shields the equipment from accidental damage, preserving its overall condition. Elevating the blower prevents it from accumulating dust and moisture on the garage floor, which can affect its performance and durability. 

Moreover, this storage method optimizes available space, reducing clutter and enhancing the overall organization of your workspace. Lastly, keeping the blower out of reach of children and pets ensures a safer environment. Opting for garage storage for your leaf blower is a practical strategy to uphold.

How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Location

Begin by carefully selecting an appropriate spot on your garage’s wall or ceiling. It should be easily accessible and sturdy enough to support the weight of your leaf blower. Take into consideration the blower’s dimensions and any attachments it may have. This strategic placement ensures convenient access and efficient utilization of your garage space.

Step 2: Gather the Necessary Tools

Prior to commencing the installation procedure, ensure you have collected all the necessary tools and materials. Depending on your chosen method of hanging, you might need screws, anchors, hooks, bungee cords, or a dedicated wall-mounted rack. Having these items ready and within reach will save you time and make the entire process smoother.

Gather the Necessary Tools
Gather the Necessary Tools

Step 3: Measure and Mark

Using a measuring tape and a level, carefully measure and mark the precise locations where you intend to install the hangers, hooks, or mounting brackets. Accurate measurements are crucial to ensure the leaf blower hangs securely and at the desired height. Double-check the alignment and levelness of your markings to guarantee a balanced and professional-looking setup.

Step 4: Install Hangers or Hooks

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, begin the installation of your chosen hangers, hooks, or mounting brackets. Use appropriate hardware for the type of wall or ceiling material to ensure a strong and stable attachment. Take your time to secure each hanger properly, paying attention to details like spacing and alignment. A secure installation ensures the leaf blower is safely suspended and reduces the risk of accidents.

Install Hangers or Hooks
Install Hangers or Hooks

Step 5: Hang the Leaf Blower

Gently lift the leaf blower and carefully place it onto the installed hangers or hooks. Ensure that it is balanced and level to prevent any undue stress on the blower’s housing or accessories. If you’re using bungee cords, attach them securely to both the leaf blower and the hooks, adjusting the tension to hold the blower in place without causing strain.

Step 6: Secure Cords and Accessories

Take a few extra moments to organize the cords, cables, and any accompanying accessories that come with your leaf blower. Use additional hooks, clips, or cable organizers to prevent tangling and ensure everything remains neat and easily accessible. Properly securing these elements enhances your setup’s appearance and reduces the wear and tear over time.

Secure Cords and Accessories
Secure Cords and Accessories

Step 7: Test Stability

Give the leaf blower a gentle nudge to ensure it’s hanging securely and doesn’t wobble or shift. This test confirms the stability of your installation and ensures that the leaf blower will remain safely in place during regular use. If needed, make minor adjustments to the positioning or tension of the hangers or cords to achieve optimal stability.

7 Effective Solutions To Store A Leaf Blower

Hooks and Chains

Hanging your leaf blower using sturdy hooks and chains is a simple and efficient option. The implementation of this technique saves floor space and keeps your leaf blower easily accessible whenever you need it. To ensure maximum stability, make sure to securely anchor the hooks and chains to a wall stud or ceiling joist. This approach is effective for both handheld leaf blowers and Backpack Leaf Blowers.

Custom Shelves

Installing custom shelves in your garage provides a dedicated spot for your leaf blower. Consider designing the shelves to accommodate the blower’s dimensions and weight, ensuring a secure and safe storage solution. This approach not only prevents your leaf blower from cluttering the garage floor but also minimizes the risk of accidental damage from other items in the garage.

Custom Shelves
Custom Shelves

Ceiling Hangers

Make the most of your garage’s vertical space by utilizing ceiling hangers designed for storing large equipment like leaf blowers. A pulley system or dedicated hanger allows you to raise and lower the blower as needed, keeping it safely out of the way when not in use. This approach is excellent for homeowners with limited floor space.


If you have a workbench in your garage, you can optimize the space beneath it for leaf blower storage. Attach hooks or brackets to the workbench legs, creating a convenient hanging spot for your blower. This method is especially beneficial for those who frequently use their leaf blower and want quick and easy access.


Corner Space

Utilize the often-neglected corners of your garage for leaf blower storage. Installing corner shelves or hooks provides a creative solution that keeps your blower off the ground while making the most of the available space. Just ensure that the chosen corner is sturdy enough to support the weight of the blower.

Wall Mounting

You can just opt for wall-mounted storage racks designed specifically for leaf blowers. These racks offer designated slots or hooks to securely hold your blower, preventing any shifting or accidental falls. Wall mounting is an effective space-saving solution that allows easy access and retrieval.

Wall Mounting
Wall Mounting

Floor Placement

While not the most space-efficient option, placing your leaf blower on the floor can work well with ample space. You should keep it in an area that doesn’t obstruct walkways or other garage activities. However, be cautious of potential tripping hazards and ensure that the blower is stored in a way that prevents any damage.


Can I hang my leaf blower on any type of wall?

While you can hang your leaf blower on most types of walls, it’s important to ensure the wall is sturdy enough to support the weight. Use appropriate wall anchors and screws for your wall type to prevent any accidents and ensure long-term stability. 

Is it safe to hang a leaf blower from the ceiling?

Hanging a leaf blower from the ceiling can be safe if you follow proper installation guidelines. Use a reliable pulley system or specialized ceiling hooks designed to hold the weight of the blower. Ensure the blower is securely attached to avoid any potential hazards. 

What tools do I need to hang a leaf blower in my garage?

You’ll need sturdy hooks, wall anchors, screws, a stud finder, and a level to hang a leaf blower in your garage. If you’re hanging from the ceiling, a pulley system or ceiling hooks will be necessary. 

Can I hang other garden tools alongside the leaf blower?

Yes, you can hang other garden tools alongside the leaf blower to optimize storage space. However, ensure that the weight distribution is balanced and each tool is securely hung. Use additional hooks or hangers to accommodate other tools safely.

How can I keep my leaf blower clean while hanging in the garage?

Use a protective cover or bag specifically designed for leaf blowers to keep your tool clean while hanging. This will shield it from dust, debris, and moisture, ensuring it remains in good condition and ready to use whenever needed. Regularly inspect and clean the blower to maintain its performance.


Mastering how to hang leaf blower in garage enhances organization, optimizes space, and safeguards your valuable equipment. By exploring these efficient methods, you’ve uncovered the art of maintaining a tidy environment while safeguarding your valuable tool. With careful execution and attention to detail, your leaf blower will remain ready as a reliable companion for all outdoor projects. Discover the harmony of efficient storage and optimal functionality as you embark on this journey of organized, hassle-free maintenance for your leaf blower.

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