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How To Clean Levoit Air Purifier?

By Elysia
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How to clean Levoit air purifier? What’s the proper method to maintain their pristine condition without causing harm to either the plastic housing or the enclosed filters? This post addresses precisely that concern.

How To Clean Levoit Air Purifier?

How To Clean Levoit Air Purifier?
How To clean Levoit air purifier?

When the red light or any other indicator becomes noticeable on your Levoit air purifier, or on any similar device, it indicates the necessity to initiate the cleaning process. Properly cleaning the Levoit air purifier entails addressing its exterior and interior components, including the sensors.

Here is a step-by-step guide to on how to clean Levoit air purifier:

Step 1: Preparing materials required for the cleaning process

We should prepare these materials below to easily when do Levoit air purifier cleaning:

  • A soiled Levoit air purifier.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment (optional).
  • A small brush, like a toothbrush.
  • Water.
  • Gentle soap.
  • Clean cotton swabs (optional).
  • A microfiber cloth or any soft cloth.
  • Mask for protection.

Step 2: Deactivate the air purifier

Before commencing the cleaning procedure, we need to switch off the apparatus.

Step 3: Disconnect the air cleaner

We can detach the machine from the electrical power source.

Step 4: Purify the interior of the Levoit air purifier

We suggest you follow these steps:

  • Open the air purifier and check if the inside is dirty or if the filters are dusty. If they are, remove the filters.
  • Tap the filters gently against a solid surface, like a table or wall, to remove dirt. It’s best to do this outside to avoid spreading dirt indoors.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it with a dust brush to clean the inside of the purifier. If you need to vacuum the filters instead of replacing them, use an upholstery tool. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, use a soft-bristle brush to remove hair, lint, dust, and debris from the filters.
  • Finally, you should notice improved filtration efficiency after gently vacuuming your HEPA filters
Purify the interior of the Levoit air purifier
Purify the interior of the Levoit air purifier

Step 5: Revive the external surface

Here are step-by-step instructions for cleaning the exterior of an air purifier we want you follow:

  • Prepare the cloth: Start by dipping a microfiber cloth or a soft cloth into clean cold water. It is essential to use a soft cloth to avoid potential scratching on the surface of the air purifier.
  • Remove excess water: Squeeze the excess water from the cloth using your hands. The cloth should be damp, not wet, as electronic appliances are water-sensitive.
  • Wipe the exterior: Gently wipe the exterior surface of the air purifier with a damp cloth. This should be sufficient for removing minor stains on the housing.
  • Deal with stubborn stains: If you encounter stubborn stains that are not easily removed with just water, you can use mild dish soap. You need to add a small amount of mild dish soap to water and dampen the cloth. You also use the soapy cloth to gently clean the stain. In most cases, the soapy cloth should effectively remove the stain, unless it is exceptionally tenacious.

Note: It is important to refrain from using flammable substances or harsh chemicals when cleaning the casing or interior of the air purifier. While water is permissible, apply it to the surface indirectly using a damp, soft cloth.

Step 6: Eliminate Soap Residue with a Damp Cloth

We have to rinse any soapy residue with a fresh, damp microfiber cloth. Even if soap was not used in the previous step, a final wipe-down is essential to achieve the desired shine.

Step 7: Clean the Air Quality Sensor (If Equipped)

Suppose you own a Levoit air purifier with an integrated air quality sensor, such as the Levoit Core 300S. In that case, it’s important to keep the sensor clean to ensure its proper functionality and accurate readings. Cleaning the air quality sensor is a simple process that can help prevent any issues with its performance. Here’s how you can clean the air quality sensor on a Levoit air purifier we want to introduce for you:

  • Locating the Sensor: To access the air quality sensor, you’ll need to open the cover of your Levoit air purifier. If you’re unsure about the exact location of the sensor, refer to the user manual that came with your model. If you don’t have the manual, you can download one from Levoit’s official website.
  • Cleaning the Sensor: Once you’ve located the air quality sensor, take a clean, damp cotton swab and gently rub the sensor lens. This will help remove any debris or dirt that may have accumulated on the surface.
  • Drying the Sensor: Using a dry cotton swab to gently dry the sensor lens after cleaning the sensor. Make sure it is scorched before proceeding to the next step.

Closing the Sensor’s Cover: Finally, close the cover of the air quality sensor. This will ensure that the sensor is appropriately protected and ready to function effectively.

Step 8: Thoroughly Air Dry the Purifier

If sunlight is available, let the purifier air-dry outdoors. On cloudy days, we suggest you opt for indoor air drying. Once the unit is dry, you need to reinstall the air filters, plug it in, and power it on to relish pristine indoor air quality.

From these steps to clean Levoit air purifier filter and components, we can maintain this machine to protect atmospheric air quality.

Tips  for you to clean Levoit air purifier
How to you to clean Levoit air purifier

How To Clean Levoit Air Purifier: FAQs

How do you clean the dust out of a Levoit air purifier?

To clean the dust from a Levoit air purifier, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the device and unplug it for safety.
  • Open the unit and carefully remove the filters.
  • Tap the filters against a surface to dislodge loose debris, preferably outdoors to prevent recirculation.
  • If available, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to gently clean the inside of the casing and around the filters.


Overall, how to clean Levoit air purifier is a quite simple process. First, you need to understand the filters and how they work. Then, use a dry cloth to clean the filters, making sure to clean both the outside and inside. Finally, don’t forget to clean the sensors of the air purifier. Hopefully, this detailed guide will help you easily clean Levoit air purifiers in your home.

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