Elysia is a seasoned content enthusiast who has been steering the creative ship at Bebest since 2022. Beyond her role as an editor manager, she embraces the world of freelance writing across diverse domains. Drawing from extensive content creation experience, Elysia is committed to delivering top-tier, actionable, and invaluable content to her readers. Her writing style exudes warmth and relatability, forging an intimate bond with her audience.


Elysia earned her degree in Marketing from Hanoi University in 2020, an academic milestone that laid the foundation for her journey. Before assuming her mantle as the content manager at Bebest, she traversed multiple professional terrains. Elysia once served as a dynamic content marketing executive in the technology sector, where she garnered accolades for her compelling narratives about SaaS products. Additionally, her writing prowess graced a prominent furniture conglomerate for nearly two years, further embellishing her portfolio. Simultaneously, she collaborated with numerous household appliance brands, showcasing her versatility in home utilities. These diverse and enriching experiences have undoubtedly empowered to excel in her role at Bebest. Her current responsibilities revolve around meticulously curating the quality of articles gracing the digital canvas of Bebest. In tandem, she meticulously crafts tailored content strategies that seamlessly align with the site's ethos.

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